I come from the glorious Kingdom of Fife on the East Coast of Scotland! Growing up next to the seaside and within reach of the stunning Scottish highlands, I have a passion for the outdoors and adventure. In particular, camping, road trips and kayaking are my favourite pursuits to clear the mind from the world of research!

I maintained my presence in Fife during the course of my undergraduate years, obtaining my Masters degree in Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics from the University of St Andrews. This small but lively coastal town shaped my interest in academia which subsequently led me to Christ's College Cambridge where I completed my PhD under the supervision of Prof Gordon Ogilvie.

I have since moved stateside to Princeton where I am a member of the School of Natural Sciences in the Institute for Advanced Study. This unique academic bubble is both a secluded retreat, sheltered from the rush of the outside world, whilst fostering an intensively stimulating learning environment!